1. In the Waiting

From the recording BURN


In The Waiting
Britney Cashman | Jonathan Cashman | Rusty Varenkamp

Verse 1
I will not trust in the ways of man
I will not trust in the voice of fear
I’ll place my hope in the hands of the One
Who placed the stars, the hands that hold my heart

Even in the waiting You are near, You are near
Even in the heartache You are good

Verse 2
My faith is sure
My hope secure
Through every season Your love endures
Your plan is greater than these eyes can see
So I will lift my hands and surrender everything

Be still my heart, and know He’s in the waiting
Know that He is faithful, know that He is God


Jonathan Cashman | Britney Cashman | Rusty Varenkamp
2020 Harvest House (ASCAP)
Willowood Sky Songs (ASCAP)