1. Hiding Places

From the recording BURN


Hiding Places
Jonathan Cashman | Britney Cashman

Verse 1
Walking in circles
Blurring the lines
Searching for truth in the lies

Day after day
I’ve gone around the same way
Finding a new place to hide

Pre Chorus 1
Long and lonely are the hours
Waiting for the day to break through

All these hiding places in my heart have left me longing
Love has found me, You surround me
Finally, I belong With You I’m home

Verse 2
Pulled from the shadows
To life after dark
Awake my soul to life

And all that I’ve searched for
Is found in Your heart
The warmth and the wonder of Your light

Pre Chorus 2
When sand has filled the glass
And this heart has beat it’s last I’ll know I was always home


Jonathan Cashman | Britney Cashman
2020 Harvest House (ASCAP)