From the recording BURN


Your Word is Alive
Britney Cashman | Jonathan Cashman | Sarah Hart

Verse 1
I’ll speak the Word of peace into the voice of fear
Until Your Word’s the only voice I hear
I’ll speak the Word of life into the face of death
Until the faith of nations resurrects

Your Word is the lamp to light the darkness
Your Word is the promise for the hopeless
Your Word, Jesus, Your Word is alive

Verse 2
I’ll sing the Word of truth into a world of lies
Until this world beholds the Way and life
And I’ll live for the One who gave it all for me
Forevermore into eternity


You are the Word, and You will always be
You are alive, You are alive in me


Jonathan Cashman | Britney Cashman | Sarah Hart
2020 Harvest House (ASCAP)
Hipart Music (BMI)