1. Close

From the recording BURN


Jonathan Cashman | Britney Cashman | Rusty Varenkamp

Verse 1
In a thousand voices that compete with Yours
I get lost, lost in the noise
It pulls my wandering heart into a constant war
And I'm caught, caught in the void

Pre Chorus
What would it take
To break me away
From what separates my heart from You?
What should I fear
If You are right here
I'm tired, and don't know what to do

In the unknown
I hear You say
You're never, never, never, never alone
And You won't let go
My heart is safe
I'm never, never, never, never alone
You hold me close

Verse 2
Oh I want to learn to listen carefully
Wanna know, know where You are
Rid me of myself so I can clearly see
You are here, here in the dark

(Pre Chorus)

Never-ending love that pursues
So undeniable, undeniable
Your love is like a fire that consumes
So incredible, incredible

Causeā€¦ (Chorus)

Jonathan Cashman | Britney Cashman | Sarah Hart | Rusty Varenkamp
2020 Harvest House (ASCAP)
Hipart Music (BMI)
Willowood Sky Songs (ASCAP)