GO! Making 21st Century Disciple Makers: BOOK
  • GO! Making 21st Century Disciple Makers: BOOK
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GO! This is your mission, should you choose to accept it… a call to all Christians everywhere and every-when—GO! Make disciples! This mission and message remain the same, but the methods change with time. GO! is designed to motivate and help you fulfill this mission in a modern context. The Church is facing one of its greatest cultural challenges, while also suffering a serious discipleship deficiency. Studies show that people, millennials in particular, are abandoning the Church largely because of a lack of genuine relationship. GO! is a response to this epidemic rise of the de-churched, a clarion call back to authentic, personal discipleship, sounded from three voices with three distinct perspectives, providing unique insight into making disciple-making disciples in this, our 21st Century.

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